One rather drunken night, while the creators were playing beer pong with some friends, they came to a realization the game was lacking something really important. After some more booze the eureka moment hit! Beer pong needed to be more fun for the players AND the spectators, more socially engaging, and since we are all pretty mischievous, more naughty and more uncomfortable. Penalty Box was born.


Penalty Box is a party game that will make you question your morals, self-respect and comfort zone. Players start off by playing with their own beer pong rules, picking a partner then letting the ensuing mischief consume the night. Each time a ball goes into a team's cup, a member from that team has to draw a Penalty card and perform the sometime erroneous action. Let the nights of regret begin.

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"We launched our Kickstarter! Come check us out and become part of our early supporters and get a chance to have early access to the the mischievous fun!". Let the nights of regret begin.

Be next up on the table with Penalty Box...

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Here are some cards to play with to see how hilarious and fun the game is!


Creative Commons License
Penalty Box is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are able to use and share the game for free, but you can't sell it without our permission. Now get out there and enjoy some Penalty Box mischief!


"Penalty box takes beer pong to the next level and our beloved friends over at Odious Gaming take the classic games like Taboo and Scattergories to the next level too! And by next level, we mean dirty, immature, and know, morally corrupt...which is everything we love."

Consider adding Odious Lists and Odious Censor to your gaming collection to create a night of fun and mischief!

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